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LVN license nurse in Fort Worth was subjected for suspension by the Texas Board of Nursing due to inappropriate treatment of a patient. The duration of suspension could be reduced by hiring the best nurse license attorney should instances such as these occur.

The Texas Board of Nursing has all the rights and jurisdiction to subject an LVN license towards suspension or disciplinary action, depending on the severity of the incident. This is exactly why a nurse license attorney can serve to defend nurses during the hearings with the Board.

On or about October 23, 2016, while employed at El Paso, Texas, the LVN exceeded the scope of her current practice. As a result, she inappropriately performed a pelvic exam on a patient. Such treatment was not ordered to the LVN, but she insisted to do so.

The inappropriate treatment may cause emotional distress to the patient. It could also lead to internal injuries to the patient. It may also cause the patient’s organs to get injured due to the unauthorized gynecological examination without the necessary skills, training, exercise, and orders from the doctor.

The LVN had the chance to defend the case. She stated that she accepts the consequence of her actions in practicing outside her scope of practice. The LVN noted that she did not intend to harm the patient in any way.

Additionally, a forensic investigation was conducted with the LVN on August 17, 2017, where a doctor produced a valid clinical profile to the LVN. However, the LVN had records of stressful personal events, but it showed that she has the cognitive ability with no disorder whatsoever. Therapies were conducted to the LVN, and there were no indications of poor decision making that may affect the patients.

However, the Board of Nurses states that the evidence towards the LVN is sufficient to sentence the LVN license into suspension. If the LVN was able to hire the right lawyer for her case, the suspension would have been lifted or replaced with disciplinary proceedings instead.

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