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Whenever someone filed a complaint against you involving negligence while at work, your license could be put in danger if not defended by a nurse attorney. An LVN from Frisco, Texas is just one of the many examples of nurses who were found to be negligent while working.

At the time of the initial incident, she was employed as an LVN at a hospital in Frisco, Texas, and had been in that position for three (3) years and eleven (11) months.

On or about September 7, 2019, September 8, 2019, September 18, 2019, and March 9, 2020, while employed as an LVN at a hospital in Frisco, Texas, LVN inappropriately prepared medications for her evening medication pass early by opening and removing the medications from their original packaging, placing them into cups, storing the cups in the medication cart, and placing the medication wrappers to the side to be scanned at the assigned time. Additionally, on at least two occasions, LVN left her nursing assignment prior to the end of her shift, and the oncoming nurse had to send the opened and unpackaged medications to the pharmacy for destruction. LVN’s conduct unnecessarily exposed the patients to a risk of harm from incorrectly prepared medications and/or receiving the wrong medications.

In response, LVN states that each patient had their own individual drawer with their name and picture on it. LVN states she prepared for her med pass but did not pass meds early. LVN also adds that these medications did not include narcotics. LVN states that there was never a risk of patient harm due to the “safety net” procedure which was utilized the evening that she had to leave due to a family emergency. LVN admits that the oncoming nurse had to completely restart the entire procedure of preparing meds.

The above action constitutes grounds for disciplinary action in accordance with Section 301.452(b)(10)&(13), Texas Occupations Code, and is a violation of 22 TEX. ADMIN. CODE §217.11(1)(A),(1)(B)&(1)(C) and 22 TEX. ADMIN. CODE §217.12(1)(A),(1)(B)&(4).

The Texas Board of Nursing gave the LVN sufficient time to defend the complaints filed against her. However, there was a failure on the LVN’s part to find the right nurse attorney to handle her case. The negligence of the RN/LVN license attorney led to the decision of the Texas BON to place the LVN’s license under disciplinary action.

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