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An RN or RN facing a case regarding several errors has a high chance to get their nurse license suspended, especially if there’s no nurse attorney to back them up. A nurse attorney has years worth of experience in the field of nurse licensing cases, making them perfect for handling numerous violations as well.

One such instance of failing to hire a nurse attorney happened on April 5, 2012, to June 30, 2016, where the RN failed to perform a pain assessment for five patients. This was ordered by a physician for strict compliance. Another incident caused by the RN happened from April 17, 2013, to June 1, 2014. The RN signed out over 200 tabs of controlled substances from the medication dispenser for her patient. However, the RN failed to document the whole scenario in the Nurse’s Records. There was a lack of follow-up pain assessment as well.

Therefore, the said error of the RN’s actions can likely injure the patients. It may also cause inaccurate care for the caregivers in the future as a result of almost no proper assessment given. The Board noticed the complaint and decided to summon the RN to defend against the case filed on her. This should be the right time for her to hire a nurse attorney.

Without a nurse attorney to back her up, she admitted instead that she did not document the pain assessments. She added that nurses are not fully required to document pain assessments if the patient is not suffering from any pain in the first place.

Her defense over the Board of Nursing was enough to subject her to a warning for disciplinary action. Gladly, the RN was able to properly defend herself without the assistance of a nurse attorney. But still, there could be a better resolution if a nurse attorney was hired in the first place.

So if you ever committed several errors at work and you think that a hearing will be given to you in the future? Then it’s best to be prepared with Nurse Attorney Yong J. An, an experienced nurse attorney since 2006. He can fully assist you further by contacting him at (832)-428-5679 for a private consultation.