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RN license nurse based in Fort Worth, Texas, was subjected to disciplinary procedures after failure to properly notify the hospice RN or hospice provider of a Resident GM’s signs of symptoms. An RN must contact the right nurse attorney should any situations like these occur.

The Texas Board of Nursing has the full authority to view all RN license cases to ensure the safety of the patients, hospital, and pharmacy. However, the case reviewed by the Texas Board of Nursing can be defended by a nurse attorney to secure the RN’s career.

On or about December 17, 2015, while on duty as a hospice nurse in two nursing centers at Fort Worth, Texas, the RN failed to timely notify a resident GM’s signs and symptoms to the hospice RN or the hospice provider. She failed e to inform the patient’s complaints of pain when he was unable to assess the incident’s injury, post-fall.

Additionally, the RN failed to document on the Hospice Visit Note that she was not able to assess the pelvic and hip area for any injuries, as shown on the RN’s overnight shift report. The resident GM required transport to the hospital for a fracture on the hip area. The failure to timely notify the hospice provider which likely caused potential delay to the proper treatment needed.

The RN was given a chance to defend the case. The RN stated she performed and assessed post-reported fall once onsite. She also states she documented the assessment at the Hospice chart and notebook at the patient nurse’s station.

She also advised the staff at the hospital to changing the patient and peri-care performed overnight. She even advised calling for any changes or observation to the patient’s condition. The patient was reported to be comfortable in bed as well.

The Texas Board of Nursing decided to take disciplinary action against the RN. Therefore, the Board subjects her RN license to disciplinary procedures for the sake of the patient’s future safety. Her RN license would have avoided disciplinary proceedings if she was able to hire a proper nurse attorney for the case.

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