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The Texas Board of Nursing will surely summon you when you provided the wrong medication or dosage, which is why a nurse attorney is needed for instances like this. This is what exactly happened to a certain LVN in Fort Worth when she provided an excessive amount of medication.

The incident happened on July 7 to 11, 2015 when the LVN took an excessive amount of Zofran from the Omnicell medication dispensing system. Additionally, the LVN failed to document the amount she acquired from the dispensing system. She also failed to return the excess amounts in stock.

The resulting action may cause adverse effects to the patient. Gladly, the LVN never provided excessive amounts of dosage to the patient upon treatment. However, this may deceive the hospital due to the incorrect amount is taken from the dispensing system, along with the lack of documentation for the incident.

The Texas Board of Nursing is very strict when it comes to the wrong use of medication. As a result, the LVN was advised to attend a hearing for her case before the Board. Gladly, the LVN attended but without any nurse attorney to assist her.

She stated that the patient was suffering from nausea which is why she took Zofran from the Omnicell medication dispensing system. The LVN administered 4mg of Zofran as ordered by the physician. However, the dosage did not work after an hour of medication.

As a result, the LVN took Zofran in excess amounts to ensure that the medications are ready to be provided when needed, a well as providing additional dosage if the patient requests it. Unfortunately, the LVN was not aware that she would be summoned by the Board if she commits such actions. She was also uncertain what happened to the excess medication.

The Texas Board of Nursing placed her LVN license to disciplinary action as a result. The disciplinary proceedings were placed to ensure that the LVN will perform better without any mistake in the future. It was unfortunate for the LVN because she was not able to hire a nurse attorney for further assistance.

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