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The role of nurses in the state of Texas is really important. They are the ones who are responsible for making people stay healthy and feel great about them. While these nurses may only serve as assistants to some doctors, they are actually as much as relevant in a hospital setting. This is why a lot of individuals expect more from the registered nurses. However, there are several challenges that some nurses face that make some people doubt their capabilities. One of which is the widespread of HAI or health-acquired infections.

From the name itself, HAI refers to the kind of infection that is acquired from the hospital. If you are a nurse in Forth Worth, it is important that you are aware of the precautionary measures for HAI. Check this list:

Wash Hands At All Times

While you are still in nursing school, your teachers have probably taught you the times wherein you are required to wash your hands. Now is the time to remember the lesson. Be sure to wash your hands before dealing with an admitted patient in the hospital. Avoid any form of contact especially if you are not wearing gloves. At the same time, you must follow hand hygiene after dealing with a sick patient.

Be Good In Waste Handling

Hospital wastes can be deadly or dangerous when they are not disposed in the right manner. Because of this, you need to practice on how to appropriately handle waste. Do not just throw it anywhere as it could contaminate the hospital environment. When this happens, the health of many individuals in the hospital will be put at risk. As such, be sure to know when is the right time to dispose of waste and where to throw it away.

Educate The Patients

You also need to remind the patients of the importance of following the hospital rules. Let them know that you need their active participation while they are admitted in the medical facility. Let them know that without it, their health will ultimately decline. Aside from this, you also need to inform the patients what HAI is and how they can avoid it. The more informed they are, the better it is for their medical condition.