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The accurate and truthful documentation of nursing activities is a cornerstone of patient care, ensuring that healthcare records are reliable and that patients receive the appropriate treatments. Nurses are entrusted with the responsibility of providing precise and honest records of their actions, as these documents play a critical role in patient safety and the continuity of care. However, there are unfortunate instances when deviations from these essential standards occur, raising concerns about patient well-being and professional conduct. In circumstances like these, nurses confronting allegations or legal issues stemming from inaccurate documentation can significantly benefit from the assistance and expertise of a nurse attorney. Nurse attorneys possess a deep understanding of the legal intricacies surrounding such cases and can provide essential guidance in navigating the complexities.

At the time of the incident, she was employed as an RN at a hospital in Harlingen, Texas, and had been in that position for nine (9) months.

On or about March 25, 2021, while employed as an RN at a hospital in Harlingen, Texas, RN falsely documented holding the intravenous (IV) administration of Pantoprazole for a patient, at 1121 due to no IV access, however, she had documented the IV was removed and replaced at 1100. RN created an inaccurate medical record and was likely to deceive other caregivers who needed complete and accurate information on which to further base their care.

In response to the above incident, RN recalls when she received this patient, she never got a report. Respondent states the patient’s IV access was infiltrated and she charted to the best of her ability. RN states she had to remove the IV and replace it before she could give the IV protonix. RN believes she made a typing error and meant to chart it was given late not held.

The above action constitutes grounds for disciplinary action in accordance with Section 301.452(b)(10)&(13) Texas Occupations Code, and is a violation of 22 TEX ADMIN. CODE §217.11(1)(A)&(1)(D) and 22 TEX. ADMIN. CODE §217.12 (1)(B),(1)(C), (6)(A)&(6)(H).

Because of this, the RN was summoned by the Texas Board of Nursing to defend her side, but the RN failed to hire a nurse attorney to help her with her case and without proper defense, the Texas Board of Nursing then decided to place her RN license under disciplinary action.

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