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Correct documentation of a patient’s medical records is very crucial to a patient’s treatment. But if an RN commits such mistakes like this, could cause an RN’s license to be suspended or revoked. This is why every health care professional should ensure accurate and complete clinical documentation at any cost. This matter can be resolved with the help of a nurse attorney. One of these examples is an RN in Grand Prairie.

On or about July 10, 2019, while employed as a Registered Nurse at a hospital in Grand Prairie, Texas, the RN falsely documented in the medical record of the patient that a co-worker witnessed the infusion of Sodium Phosphate to said, patient. The RN’s conduct was deceptive and created an inaccurate medical record.

In regards to the incident, the RN admits she inappropriately documented another nurse’s name as a witness and co-signature to the medication administration. She states that it was not unusual for nurses to exchange log-on credentials with each other. Also, she states, she and her co-worker regularly co-signed each other’s documents.

As a result, due to the mistake and violation done by the RN, she was sanctioned and placed in disciplinary action. The RN has clearly made a violation pursuant to Section 301.452 (b) (10) & (13), Texas Occupations Code.

This could be avoided only if the RN had hired a nurse attorney for assistance and defense against the said incident and could have yielded a different result. Hiring a nurse attorney is a great help on the RN’s end. That is why it is best to seek help from a nurse attorney. It is also best if the nurse attorney has years of experience and reliable

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