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LVN license nurse from Fort Worth subjected to a disciplinary action after two instances of improper patient treatment. The said treatments might have threatened the condition of the patients’ health. This is exactly why the assistance of an attorney would be suitable to prevent license suspension.

The Texas Board of Nursing is the one responsible for handling all cases related to RN and LVN license misconduct and malpractice. The assistance of a renown attorney is crucially needed should a nurse gets summoned for a hearing before the Board to prevent possible license suspension or revocation.

The first incident occurred on or about July 23, 2016 while employed as an LVN in Fort Worth. The LVN failed to intervene for a patient when there was a discrepancy in sponge counts after a vaginal delivery that involved post-partum hemorrhage and suture of lacerations.

The LVN failed to notify the charge and postpartum nurses, while failing to ensure that an X-ray was performed for the patient as per protocol. As a result, the patient returned to the hospital twelve (12) days later due to a 4×4 gauze sponge that retained in her vaginal vault and required antibiotic treatments.

The second incident occurred on or about November 22, 2016 at the same hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. The LVN failed to recognize that the infant of a labouring patient was in breech presentation. She also failed to notify the physician that she was unsure of the infant’s presentation.

The physician arrived 30 minutes late due to the misconduct, resulting the patient to undergo emergency cesarean section instead. The two incidents would have likely caused delayed treatments to the patient, as well as severe injuries which may lead to adverse effects such as infection. The second incident would likely caused to threaten the life of the labouring patient and her infant.

The LVN was given a chance to defend before the Texas Board of Nursing. Regarding the first incident, she stated that she notified the physician of the sponge count and asked the physician for an X-ray. However, the physician, whom the LVN considers as the last part of the chain of command, refused.

On the second incident, she stated she believed the infant was in proper position with the head down. But after thirty (30) minutes, the patient was uncomfortable with an anterior cervical lip, causing the LVN to be unsure of the infant’s presentation. Upon the physician’s arrival, the infant is already in breech position, and proceeded with the emergency cesarean section rather than normal delivery.

The LVN added that she later consulted another nurse and informed that a breech position could easily be mistaken for a bulging bag. She was mistaken in the tactile assessment of a smooth presenting part.

The Board of Nursing considered the following as enough evidence to sentence the LVN license into disciplinary proceedings.

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