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There are some mistakes that we tend to do because we might have problems in our life, and this is one of the common cases that a nurse attorney typically resolves. It is the right of any nurse to prevent any allegations since this may affect their career and the status of their nurse license. Too bad not all nurses are capable of knowing this matter, causing some of them to lose their jobs even if they did not intend to do anything wrong in the first place.

On March 2015, the RN was assigned to provide assistance to a patient. However, the RN was actually sleeping while on duty. Additionally, she admitted to the staff that she was already sleepy while at her shift. The same incident happened in June 2015 when she was sleeping while being advised to provide nursing care once again. She was caught two times sleeping at a serious time at work.

Her lack of fitness to practice nursing due to sleepiness may affect her ability to notice signs and symptoms and provide accurate treatment for the patient. Her lack of fitness may cause potential danger to the patient if this is not resolved immediately

As an immediate resolution, the Texas Board of Nursing summoned her for a hearing regarding the two incidents of dozing off at work. She admitted that she lacked sleep at that time due to numerous problems that she was facing. She even admitted that she was also drinking too much after shift which is why she was too sleepy.

Due to the RN’s statement, they placed her nurse license into disciplinary action to ensure that she will never commit such incidents in the future. However, the case could have been assisted by a nurse attorney to ensure further safety for the career.

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