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On March 2011, a Dallas-based LVN failed to hire a nurse attorney when she attended a hearing for her case. The reason why she was summoned for a hearing was that she almost defrauded the patient about the charges for the medical costs. Additionally, the LVN might also provide an inaccurate medical record in the future for misappropriating the medication that she needs to provide to her patient.

The incident during March was a very serious one because the LVN needs to use hydrocodone. The LVN was not able to take proper precautions in order to administer the medication without any mistake. This may also cause further injury to the patient especially if they are undergoing a serious medical condition. Gladly, the patient did not complain of any adverse effects as a result of the LVN’s errors.

The Texas Board of Nursing took immediate notice of the matter, causing the LVN to attend a hearing based on their orders. However, the LVN was not able to attend the hearing because she did not have any nurse attorney to back her up. Therefore, the Board decided to place her LVN license into suspension as the result of the severity of her errors and its potential results.

Take note that the Texas Board of Nursing is quite strict regarding these matters, which is why you really have to attend the hearings that they will provide to you. Failure to attend one is not an excuse for them to place your nurse license to suspension, and hiring a nurse attorney is an immediate resolution for matters like these.

Always remember that a good nurse attorney is all you need to guarantee yourself a better situation not just for the case, but for your own career. Nurse Attorney Yong J. An has been working for several cases such as this for over 14 years, and is still willing to help anyone who wishes to get the best legal service there is. To begin, just contact him at (832) 428-5679 for private consultation.