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As Covid-19 continues to devastate everyone, more and more businesses are weakening rapidly. In Fort Worth, several bars and restaurants lower their capacity to adhere to the lockdown mode being implemented in the city. According to reports, restaurants, gyms, and stores have reduced their capacity to 50 percent.


Here’s the story from CultureMap Fort Worth.

The measure is a result of an executive order by Gov. Greg Abbott that went into effect in October, requiring rollbacks if and when COVID-19 resurged.

  • Bars will go from 50 percent to closed.
  • Elective surgeries are on hold.
  • Restaurants and businesses are now limited to 50 percent occupancy, from their previous 75 percent.

The benchmark was hospital beds: According to Abbott’s order, if more than 15 percent of hospital beds were in use by COVID-19 patients for seven days in a row, then the rollbacks kicked in.

DFW currently has 15.6 percent of beds in use for COVID-19 patients. Occupancy can go back up if that percentage of hospital beds stays below 15 percent for a week.

The closure was not exactly a surprise. The number of patients being treated for COVID-19 in North Texas hospitals reached a new high on December 1. The average number of patients being treated daily in December was nearly three times as high as September, according to DFW/CBS.

The order affects counties across North Texas including Dallas, Tarrant, Denton, Parker, and Collin counties.

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Notwithstanding the new norm created by this pandemic, it is not a hidden secret that the nursing community is also facing some long-understood truths, that is nurses are underpaid, undervalued, and sometimes treated as expendable. But this doesn’t remove the nurse’s will to help treat their patients the best they can.

However, because of the exhaustion, this pandemic is giving to the nursing community, some nurses may accidentally fail to do their work nicely. Because of this, they may face a disciplinary hearing by the Texas Board of Nursing.

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