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On May 2, 2010, an LVN based in Fort Worth failed to hire a nurse attorney because he claimed that he got nervous from receiving feedback from the Texas Board of Nursing due to having a positive drug screening result. The drug screening result shows that he was positive for using Morphine. What’s worse is not the drug screening, but so as the investigation that caused the drug test to happen in the first place.

On April 16, 2010, an inspection occurred at the hospital due to speculations that controlled substances were being taken from various patients’ medical dispensing system. They eventually found out that those dispensing systems were being taken care of a single LVN. This is where they eventually found out that the LVN was actually taking some for them but he claimed in the first place that these were emergency administrations for his patients.

However, they found out in the locker of the LVN that there were some Morphine containers stored in it, and it even has proof that it came from the patients’ medical dispensing systems. The said actions could have defrauded the patients of the cost of medication on their hospital bill. Additionally, the use of the controlled substance may impair their performance at work.

The severity of the issue caused the Texas Board of Nursing to place the LVN’s nurse license into revocation. A hearing was still conducted, but the LVN never provided a good defense on his end. Hiring a good nurse attorney for assistance could have made the defense stronger so then the sanctions could have been yielded a better result in the favor of the LVN.

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